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Top Tips For You To Excel When Networking

Networking, like many things in life, is something that needs to be understood before one can benefit from it.  Too often, individuals these days take the concept for granted and assume that just by being present they are automatically entitled to reap the rewards of the seasoned, prepared, business networker.  A network like X2 Logistics is a select club brimming with professionals, but with the conference looming it never hurts to brush up on a few skills to give you the killer edge.

Remember the golden rule; you reap what you sow.  What you put in, you will get out.  Be prepared to offer what you expect to take from the network and from the conference itself.  Remember you are as much of a salesman as a customer, so both hats need to be worn simultaneously.  If they both fit, you will prosper.

The network is like marriage.  It offers security, warmth, and protection.  This comes with a price attached; your time and energy.  If you devote resources to the network it will love you back, but in our case love comes in the form of shipments, projects, contacts and other unique commercial benefits.

One also has to ensure they stand out from the crowd, be unique, offer something others do not.  Use your own interpretation of this, but something as simple as branding, sponsorships, generosity will go further than you think in setting you and your business apart from the rest.  X2 exists for you to excel, so take advantage of the tools we have to offer in order for you to achieve this.

Follow up is the most import part of any meeting or networking experience.  This is when you cash the cheques that your mouth wrote during the conference and sets you apart as a consummate industry professional.  Your behaviour, your timelines, your professionalism represent the image of your business, so remember to keep those promises and most importantly, rise above!