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#X2Con2018 – Rise Above & See your name in the sky

The theme for this year, and more importantly, for the next conference, is “rise above”. This is something that we must all strive to achieve tirelessly in our personal and business lives if we wish to achieve a competitive advantage and continue to take it to a new level.

We have the perfect sponsorship opportunity for a select few X2 members who literally want their brands to “rise above” in 2018.  As you may have guessed by now, hot air balloons are the centerpiece to the mad hatters garden party, and will literally allow X2 members to place their names in the sky.  The 5m x 7m giant logos affixed to the side of a hot air balloon will be a spectacle to behold, and when you have 100’s of other forwarders and shippers taking to the sky in your balloon, its true marketing potential is unleashed.

The living metaphor of rising above will bind everyone for the next year and the memory of standing in a wicker basket, looking out over the X2 Beach House, cementing that deal, all the while being overshadowed by a prominent and powerful name in the industry will last a lifetime.

Not only that, but we will provide each sponsor with multiple photo and video files of their balloon that can be used for all future company marketing.  The custom balloons will also feature in the post conference video and any X2 marketing that we publish for the foreseeable future.  The ROI on this sponsorship is truly limitless.

Ladies and Gentleman, we are now offering possibly the most awe inspiring billboard imaginable, and it is strictly on a first come, first served basis.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity and click the link below to secure your once in a lifetime sponsorship now.

Click here to see your name in the sky