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Networks: The Nature of the Beast

A network is something that cannot be touched. A network is something than cannot be seen. A network is neither something or nothing. A network is different to each individual person that is a part of it, and holds a unique meaning within each company, within each branch, and within each member of staff. The concept is nothing new, and can be rolled out by anyone, but a network can never be replicated. There is a reason some networks thrive, some fade away, and some never make it off the ground.

X2 has succeeded thus far due to many contributory factors. The right members, the right ethos, the right team, and an underlying drive to constantly take it to the next level. Each component to this success has worked in tandem with every other factor and created the beast that we know today. For some the beast is an integral part of day to day business, but for some it is barely looked at or thought about.

Our success must be measured on the performance of each and every member as we a strive to create a global platform that allows business to flourish for all, not just for the chosen few. We must each carry the flag and encourage the business pipeline feeding the network to continuously flow with new opportunity. This is not about dividing the pie up evenly almost all members, this is about making the biggest pie we possibly can and allowing everyone to feed until they burst.

We have always said that you will get out of X2 what you put in. Today this is more true than ever. For me watching a room full of like minded professionals sew the seeds of future business is the most rewarding part about this job, and is the only time a network manifests into a physical form that can be seen and touched. Be part of X2 and plug your pipeline into the network. Make those deals face to face to encourage their longevity. Put your faith in each other at next years conference and together we will all prosper.

X2, rise above!