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X2 Rise Above – A Note From Richard

With X2’s focus being on breaking the mold of what is happening in the industry and with our vision to create a more dynamic and professional logistics networking experience, I felt it was time to draft a note to you all. X2’s focus and overriding theme for the remainder of 2017 and as we move into 2018 and preparing for the 5th Annual conference will be “Rising Above”!

This fits well with some surprising elements we have planned for the conference as well as reiterating our focus as a network to “Rise Above” in business, best practice, and in everyday life. To be different and to be the best at what we do as a company, as a network and as a team working together for the same goals.

Talking of teams, X2 has restructured its resources in line with our “X2 WE CARE” Program. We have created Key Account positions within our existing structure that have been assigned their very own members to personalize with and communicate with you, our members about anything to do with the network ,our services, our programs and of course conference questions and bookings. Not only does this create a more personalized network management experience it also allows for all members of the X2 team to get to know the members better and to understand the member’s business in more depth and find out how we can help, assist and connect you with fellow members of the group in order to enhance your network membership experience.

X2 and all of the team will be spending the rest of 2017 working hard on new projects and also preparing for the 5th Annual conference in February 2018.  However the theme “Rising Above” is also about implementing new initiatives and hopefully better tools for the members of X2 to better utilize for their benefit. There will be some exciting things to watch out for and items we hope to launch before Xmas 2017, stocking fillers like:
  • X2 E-Commerce
  • X2 Freight Rate Management System
  • X2 online Consolidator
  • plus more…..
So yes the team is busy and we are all totally aligned and focused on implementing and delivering a much better network experience for you all.
There is a famous Chinese proverb that says:
“When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills”.

X2 is building windmills because we can’t change the wind and we will never be able to stop that wind of change. We as a company are focused on being responsive to things we can change ourselves and that means “Rising Above” the challenges the industry faces, the trends of freight forwarders and the never ending ruin of values of what a network should be by the never ending bombardment of new networks promising things they cannot deliver upon.

X2 is and always will be a strong brand attached to an even stronger network of professionals working in the correct way.  We are excited about the 5th Annual Conference and regional meetings and I look forward to meeting many of you at these important events and get togethers.

X2, Rise above.