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Top Tips for Logistics Conference Attendees

1. Stay active on Conference Social Media Pages during the Event for Live Updates


1It is almost certain that a good logistics network will always have an active social media presence as it poses many benefits for a logistics network. Hence during the yearly conference, they will most probably be very active on their Social Media pages, as it is a very efficient way to have a bird’s eye look at the whole conference.

Conference attendees should stay active on social media during the event to get the latest updates of the conference. It is also an extremely quick way to get fast customer service. There will most likely be a common hashtag (#X2Conf2017) that attendees can use to get in touch with the Conference Personnel. So make sure to stay active and get the most out of your attendance. Follow the X2 Conference Facebook Page for the upcoming X2 Conference 2017.

2. Wear your I.D at all times


During a logistics conference you are bound to meet many freight forwarders. And it is virtually impossible for all the individuals that you meet to remember your name. Hence it is the best practise to always wear your ID card that states your name, company and designation in plain sight. This will guarantee that all the attendees who do meet you, will remember your name and company and this in turn will provide greater chances of doing business together in the future.

3. Try and Meet all Attendees


One of the most important reasons people attend a conference is to NETWORK. This rule obviously also applies to a logistics network conference. Be sure to talk to as many attendees as you can. You never know if the person next to you might be able to help grow your business in ways you might not be aware of yet. It is always good to connect with as many people as you can.

4. Participate in all Events to Maximize Growth

The best way to maximize growth in a conference is to take part in all the events that take place. A good logistics networking conference should be jam packed with events for the attendees, and it is in best interest that everyone takes part in all the events, so as they do not miss out on any possible leads/ business prospects.

5. Do Not Forget to Bring and Collect Everyone’s Business cards


One of the most important items in your arsenal during a conference should be your Visiting Card (also known as business card). A visiting card is very important during a conference as it allows you to present to the attendees a summary of your business and yourself in the short time available. An aesthetically pleasing Visiting card can also imprint your business in the attendees head and it will almost be certain that they will contact you with business prospects. It is also a good idea to collect as many visiting cards of the attendees and insert it into the report that you make after the End of the conference. This will help give you a global reach, and will ensure that you have certified contacts all around the globe.

6. Stay in Touch After the Conference to Grow Relationships


The end of the conference should not stop you from reaching out to all the contacts you have made. The most important aspect to a logistics networking conference is to grow relationships, and this can only be done with connecting with fellow freight forwarders after the conference.