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2016 X2 Pre-Conference Guide Published

X2 is pleased to announce that the 2016 X2 Pre-Conference Guide has been published!

Inside the Pre-Conference Guide you will find general information about the 2016 X2 Conference including information about the dress code, pre-arranged transportation, as well as what to expect over the course of the event.

The information contained within the guide is subject to some changes, however overall the information is helpful and will definitely assist you in preparing for the event.

If you’re booked and have fully committed with payment, see in February!

If you’ve booked and have yet to make payment, please make payment so we can finalize your booking.

If you haven’t booked, you will be missing out on hundreds of opportunities.

Click here to view the 2016 X2 Pre-Conference Guide or find it under Information in the top navigation menu.

2 Responses

    1. X2 Team

      Hi Hanley, it has been tested on multiple browsers here and loads fine. It could be a slow connection or firewall preventing the loading of the PDF due to size restrictions. Also, if your browser or PDF Reader is not updated the document might be unviewable.

      Please contact anyone at X2 if you continue to encounter problems and we can provide you with the PDF via alternative means.