X2 Regional Meets

X2 Regional Meetings are additional events in addition to our annual boutique logistics networking event. X2 members from around the globe gather to meet and form strong business foundations and develop existing relationships.

What We Do

X2 facilitates global connections between reliable and professional freight forwarders. We provide marketing, relationship, and professional support to X2 Logistics Networks members. X2 hosts an annual conference and regional meets every year.

Why Join?

X2 is a leader in the development of professional freight forwarding networks. Our events offer maximum relationship development while offering a varied and exciting experience every year. X2 continues to look forward on behalf of its members.


2017's X2 Europe Cargo Meet will be held 24 April 2017
Please refer to the agenda below for more information about the day of the event.
Day 1
24 Apr 2017
Richard Overton

Coffee Break

1:1 Meetings



1:1 Meetings


Ramada Plaza Antwerp
+32 (0)3 244 82 11conference@x2logisticsnetworks.com

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